Managing your wealth made simple

Parallel’s discretionary investment management solutions aim to deliver smoother returns than single strategy investments so that our clients can feel confident about their financial future.

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An active and flexible approach to investment

Constant monitoring and being responsive help us to ensure our portfolios deliver on your aims and remain true to your risk profile and investment style.

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Diversification to safeguard your wealth

Our portfolios spread the risk across different asset classes constantly blending investments to meet the optimum balance between risk and return.

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News and views

To keep you informed on market events and the outlook we provide regular bulletins and updates.

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Our Portfolios

Our Portfolios are designed to provide an investment strategy to cater for the needs of a broad spectrum of investors who have clear, measurable and attainable goals, and who seek to avoid exposure to unnecessary risks.

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We have created a range of model portfolios comprised of a blend of collective investment funds, each with a clearly defined objective and level of risk so that you and your financial planner can select the portfolio most suited to your personal needs and objectives. We take care to ensure each model portfolio is managed appropriately. We never achieve returns by taking unnecessary risks and would rather miss a potential opportunity than risk unacceptable losses.

Weekly Market Update:

Stock Markets Aug 07 Jul 31 % Change
FTSE 100 6032 5898 2.28 %
FTSE All Share 3366 3282 2.56 %
S&P 500 3341 3239 3.15 %
Nasdaq Composite 11048 10636 3.87 %
Dow Jones Industrial 27279 26154 4.30 %
FTSE Eurofirst 300 1410 1385 1.80 %
Xetra Dax 12675 12313 2.94 %
Nikkei 22330 21710 2.86 %
MSCI Asia ex Jap $ 711 701 1.48 %
MSCI EM $ 1107 1082 2.27 %
MSCI World $ 2360 2304 2.43 %

10 August 2020

Global equities advanced, with the S&P 500 index approaching a fresh record high, despite simmering geopolitical tensions.

Gold surged past $2,000 per ounce for the first time, as the metal remained in high demand.

Weekly Reports

Gold continued to set new records as investors sought the metals perceived safe haven properties.

US equities closed the week higher, supported by the technology sector.

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Investment Views

June 2020

Here we summarise our Investment Committee's immediate outlook for the primary asset classes and major equity markets.

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Quarterly Review

Quarter ending March 2020

Our Reviews look back at the markets over the last quarter as well as our thoughts on today's major issues.

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About Parallel

We create diversified portfolios designed to provide clients with consistently strong risk-adjusted returns that meet or exceed their expectations. Our focus is always the prosperity and well-being of our clients.

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